Two years ago, Kyle MacLachlan, the star of Twin Peaks, called investigative journalist Joshua Davis with a strange story. Kyle had heard a rumor that Pablo Escobar did a deal in the early 1980s with a remote, coastal Southern town of 300 people. In exchange for vast wealth and limitless cocaine, Escobar would be allowed to land planes and ships in the area. Over the last 24 months, Josh and Kyle investigated the rumor, journeying to Varnamtown to knock on doors and find out what really happens when a firehose of money and cocaine is turned on a small, tight knit community.
We Are Not Journalists
WE ARE NOT JOURNALISTS is a weekly podcast starring popular social media pranksters Walter Masterson and Maximillian Clark, who take delight in asking laugh-out-loud, nonsensical questions of today?s newsmakers, many of whom remain relentlessly and utterly clueless. Being somewhat socially responsible, there?s also experts, comedians and politicians analyzing how crazy everything is, and maybe collectively, we can figure out how to save the world?
The Consult: Real FBI Profilers
The Consult is a true crime podcast that examines behavior exhibited before, during, and after the commission of a criminal act. Consultants are retired FBI profilers who worked the cases.
Notsam Wrestling
The Last Professional Broadcaster Sam Roberts gives his weekly takes on all things WWE, AEW, Professional Wrestling, and Sports Entertainment - as well as has the best conversations with the biggest superstars and supporters in the industry.

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