Plugged In with Chris Howard

Turning the Page: Howard Exits, May Steps In, and Michigan's New Horizons

Description: In this riveting episode of our podcast, we dive deep into the seismic shifts happening within Michigan sports. We kick things off by discussing the end of the Juwan Howard era and the dawn of a new chapter under Dusty May's leadership. What does this transition mean for the team, and how will May's vision reshape the future of Michigan basketball? Next, we turn our attention to the football field, where JJ McCarthy is making headlines and surging up the draft boards. What's behind McCarthy's meteoric rise, and how might his draft stock impact his final season? In a bold segment, we unpack the enigma that is Warde Manuel. As Michigan's Athletic Director, Manuel's decisions have often sparked controversy and debate. We explore the reasons behind his seemingly indifferent stance to public opinion and what this means for the future of Michigan athletics. Finally, we weigh in on Donovan Edwards's decision to pack on extra weight this offseason. Is this a strategic move to bolster his game, or could it potentially slow him down? We analyze the pros and cons, providing insight into how this could affect his performance and Michigan's offensive strategy. Join us as we dissect these pivotal moments and their implications for Michigan sports. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just love a good sports discussion, this episode promises to deliver insights, opinions, and plenty of spirited debate.

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