Plugged In with Chris Howard

Purdy gets paid, sort of. Kaitlin Clark offered 5Million by Ice Cube.Rondo retires and Reese talks about Social Media and her mental health

In this jam-packed episode of our sports roundup, we dive headfirst into a whirlwind of updates and analyses that every sports fan needs to hear. We kick things off with a look at Purdy's latest financial win-turns out, getting paid can come in many forms, kind of. Then, we shift gears to the heated debate around Michigan's QB star, JJ. Is he destined to be a top 5 pick in the draft? Speaking of drafts, we take a deep dive into the intriguing history of QB draft picks and their Super Bowl starts-did you know thirteen of the 67 quarterbacks who've started a Super Bowl were top draft picks? But it's not all football here. We're also talking NCAAW and the powerhouse that is Clark. Dominating the court, she's now faced with a life-changing decision: jump into the WNBA or take Ice Cube's jaw-dropping $5M offer? And if Clark and Reese both land in the WNBA, could we be witnessing the rise of a rivalry as iconic as Bird vs. Magic? The matchups are getting intense as we look ahead to Uconn vs. Iowa and NC State vs. South Carolina. With talents like Paige Bueckers lighting up the court, these games are anyone's guess. And speaking of talent, Reese opens up about the impact of social media on her mental health, sparking a much-needed conversation on the pressures young athletes face in balancing love for the game with public scrutiny. So, who's going to clinch victory in these nail-biting matchups, and what will Clark decide? Tune in for our take on these burning questions and more, as we dissect what these developments mean for the future of sports.

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