Plugged In with Chris Howard

JJ McCarthy top 5 pick? Ohio State off-season champs again. Is it time for Michigan and Juwan Howard to part ways

JJ McCarthy, emerging as a standout quarterback from the University of Michigan, has solidified his status as a top pick in the draft for several compelling reasons. In the grand theater of college football, where pageantry meets passion, few narratives are as perennial and predictable as the Ohio State Buckeyes' claim to the throne of off-season champions. Every year, as if guided by the unseen hand of tradition, the Buckeyes embark on a majestic journey filled with the pomp of recruiting victories, the circumstance of preseason hype, and the grandiloquent proclamations of their destined return to glory. "Given the mixed results and challenges faced by the Michigan Wolverines men's basketball team under Juwan Howard's leadership, do you believe that it's time for Michigan to reassess Howard's role as head coach? Considering both his successes, including significant wins and positive impact on the team culture, against any unmet expectations and off-court issues, should Michigan consider making a coaching change to ensure the program's future success and alignment with its long-term goals?"

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