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Jubal's Phone Taps

Phone Tap PODCAST: I Can't Order Pizza

In today's Phone Tap, Jubal calls a pizza guy who has little patience when taking orders for pizza...In fact he get's outright ANGRY when people take FOREVER to decide what they want. Well little does he know...that Jubal may be the most INDECISIVE customer ever!!! Hear the pizza guys lose his voice...in the podcast below!!
00:04:18 5/24/2019

Past Episodes

Jubal takes over a guy's stock portfolio and has some BIG IDEAS on how to rake in the dough... hear all of Jubal's money making ideas in the PHONE TAP. (Image Courtesy: Seafoodpunch. Creative Commons)
00:04:24 5/22/2019
When Jubal works at the tanning salon, you need to worry about MORE than just getting burnt. Listen to today's phone tap as Jubal comes clean about a very AWKWARD and CREEPY situation. (Image Courtesy: Erik J. Gustafson. Creative Commons)
00:03:46 5/21/2019
Jubal tells a guy that his bathroom remodel is going to be $12,000 more expensive than he originally thought... But hey, at least those new solid gold light dimmers are going to make that bathroom SPARKLE!
00:00:00 5/20/2019
Jubal calls a co-worker to "goodbye". It's time he moves on to another job... and Im going to miss her. She doesn't feel the same way... though... probably because they've only worked together for a week and they've never even talked to each other before. Hear it in the PHONE TAP. (Image Courtesy: Bill Dimmick. Creative Commons)
00:05:49 5/16/2019
A woman emailed the show telling us that her husband LIED to get out of jury duty! So OF COURSE Jubal was ready to catch him in his lie... by phone tapping him. Listen to the guy TOTALLY BREAK DOWN in the podcast. (Image Courtesy: kidTruant. Creative Commons)
00:04:30 5/15/2019
Sasha moved into a brand new home just four weeks ago and just found out her house has a revolutionary new bio-recycling system! Sounds great, but what the hell does that mean??? Listen to todays PHONE TAP as Jubal breaks the news to her that she's been drinking her own sewage for the last 4 weeks. (Image Courtesy: BillRhodesPhoto. Creative Commons)
00:03:50 5/14/2019
A young woman ordered a cake for her father's retirement party. But Jubal calls to tell her that a disgruntled employee added some inappropriate new decorations to the cake. Happy Retirement! Listen to the PHONE TAP. (Image Courtesy: erinblatzer. Creative Commons)
00:03:59 5/13/2019
24 hours and NO new tweets?!? Jubal gets worried about one of his favorite Twitter followers... so he PHONE TAPS her! #concerned Listen to the PODCAST. (Image Courtesy: Fanie!. Creative Commons)
00:03:44 5/9/2019

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