Girl, We Got This with Laticia Lee

Life is easier with a sister! Join lifestyle blogger / entrepreneur - Laticia - as she interviews REAL people, shares personal stories, and talks raw advice about all things sisterhood. Each week Laticia shows us how to connect, embrace, and breakthrough. Because after all... we're all sisters here!


Girl, We Got This with Laticia Lee

A Seat At The Table with Leia Sergakis!

Lifestyle Host and Nutritionist - Leia Sergakis - chats with Laticia about relationships + break ups - growing up as Greek woman in Utah - how to rise after every fall - and her new comedic lifestyle show - Table For One!
00:57:00 5/21/2019

Past Episodes

On this special mother's day edition of Girl We Got This - Laticia flies to Massachusetts to talk with her source of strength - HER MOM, Nancy - about childhood stories and how she raised five kids as a young 17 year old mother.
01:12:00 5/12/2019
Reiki healer / app developer / radio show host - MILLANA SNOW - chats with Laticia Lee about being a mixed race woman - getting into energy healing - moving to New York at a young age - AND Laticia's own surreal experience doing Reiki with Millana!
00:50:00 5/7/2019
Laticia Lee shares how her curly hair sparked a wild journey of sunken cost, traveling to China, competition with IVY PARK - and the creation of her fantastic hat company - TRESS! SEE MORE @Tress.forus
00:32:00 4/30/2019
TV host / media personality / best-selling author - ERIKA DE LA CRUZ - shares how she overcame homelessness to become a successful entrepreneur and create the incredible annual media conference - Passion To Paycheck!
00:53:00 4/23/2019
Renaissance woman / serial hobbyist SARAH LOU WHO joins Laticia to talk about pivoting from the tech world to beauty blogging - cutting off all her hair - hypnotherapy - Gary Vaynerchuk - her podcast WORK HARD SLAY HARD - and much more!! ALSO - Laticia gets REALLY HONEST about the first time she met Sarah!!
01:07:00 4/16/2019
From the curly haired girl in school to primetime YouTuber - The Curl Queen - Bianca Renee - of BIANCA RENEE TODAY - shares how her hair has shaped her life! Bianca talks about her upbringing as a mixed race woman - why she pivoted from modeling to YouTube - and what led to her BIG CHOP! Also - Laticia surprises Bianca with an appearance from one of her biggest fans!!!
00:52:00 4/9/2019
KRISTA WILLIAMS and LINDSEY SIMCIK of the hugely successful ALMOST 30 PODCAST talk all things sisterhood and the real hustle behind podcasting with Laticia Lee on the DEBUT EPISODE of Girl We Got This!
01:19:00 4/2/2019
Coming soon!
00:00:30 3/28/2019

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