Girl, We Got This with Laticia Lee

Life is easier with a sister! Join lifestyle blogger / entrepreneur - Laticia - as she interviews REAL people, shares personal stories, and talks raw advice about all things sisterhood. Each week Laticia shows us how to connect, embrace, and breakthrough. Because after all... we're all sisters here!


Girl, We Got This with Laticia Lee

The Boss in Heels: Heather Monahan

Author / Public Speaker / Podcast Host - HEATHER MONAHAN - talks about growing up poor - going beyond your comfort zone - learning from her children - always sticking to your Plan A - and being invited to speak at Harvard after not getting in!

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00:58:00 7/16/2019

Past Episodes

CEO / Founder of The Novel Education Group TIFFANY SORYA talks about being first generation Cambodian - becoming a tutor - starting her company -her relationship with KYLIE JENNER - and why sexy is smart!

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00:50:00 7/9/2019

Chef / Trainer / Engineer / Entrepreneurial Badass INGRID S CLAY shares her incredible journey through academia - fitness training - competitive body building - becoming a plant based chef - working through her divorce - and how she maintains her drive!

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01:11:00 7/5/2019

The amazing LIRIS CROSSE talks about her time on PROJECT RUNWAY - what propelled her into modeling at a young age - her rise to success as a plus sized model - as well as her acting career AND her new book MAKE THE WORLD YOUR RUNWAY!!!

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01:05:00 7/2/2019

Author of "Balance is Bullshit" TAMARA LOEHR shares her story of growing small businesses - why multitasking does NOT work - and how to integrate all the part of your life into one juicy blend.

01:10:00 6/25/2019

18 year old dancer / influencer AMANDA LaCOUNT talks about #BREAKINGTHESTEREOSTYPE - her experiences dancing on Ellen DeGeneres and with Lizzo at Coachella - her relationship with her mom - moving from Colorado to California - and being your own role model!

00:58:00 6/18/2019
Star and producer of the hit rom-com Say My Name - LISA BRENNER - chats with Laticia about being an actress AND a 40 year old mom - embracing her age and curly hair - how pole dancing helped with her most recent role - and how it's sexy to be real.
00:52:00 6/11/2019
Ezzy & Donatella - sisters / hair therapists / founders of the world renowned Curls OneOnOne salon - share their incredible journey from Albania to New York to Los Angeles!
00:57:00 6/4/2019
Laticia chats with Jocelyn Cruz about her incredible work as a doula and a pole instructor - helping women understand their bodies and vulnerabilities - and the pressure of being sexy... but not TOO sexy.
00:47:00 5/28/2019
Lifestyle Host and Nutritionist - Leia Sergakis - chats with Laticia about relationships + break ups - growing up as Greek woman in Utah - how to rise after every fall - and her new comedic lifestyle show - Table For One!
00:57:00 5/21/2019
On this special mother's day edition of Girl We Got This - Laticia flies to Massachusetts to talk with her source of strength - HER MOM, Nancy - about childhood stories and how she raised five kids as a young 17 year old mother.
01:12:00 5/12/2019

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