Now What?! with Jessica Graf

#momsneedsleep | Corinne Kaplan & Eliza Orlins Of The Amazing Race & Survivor, Baby Sleep Expert Cara Dumaplin Founder Of Taking Cara Babies

It's Jessica's first Mother's Day and this show is all about Moms plus we have her coverage on The Amazing Race Season 31. Jessica interviews the third team to be eliminated, Corinee Kaplan and Eliza Orlins from Survivor. And starting at 26:10, Jessica brings on rock star baby sleep expert Cara Dumaplin, founder of Taking Cara Babies to talk about sleep training and break the belief that newborns and sleep deprivation goes hand in hand. Cara is a mom of four, neonatal nurse, and wife of a pediatrician whose passion is teaching parents how to help their babies sleep so they can reclaim their parenthood. Learn more about Cara's techniques to get your kids to sleep on a schedule and find out if her program is working for Jessica. Now What is produced in partnership with PodcastOne and The Direct Message, executive producers Crystal Fambrini and John Ryan, Jr. (Co-Founders of The Direct Message). Please Support Our Sponsors: Sign up for The Drop App using the code Graf Go to and use promo code Graf Go to or enter code Graf at checkout Check out Dole Crafted Smoothie Blends Go to and enter code Graf50 for 50% off your first month

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