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Chael discusses Brock Lesnar's recent WWE character change.

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00:01:20 6/6/2019

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Guest Mike Soccio talks about how he tried to get Will Smith and Eminem square off in a boxing match.
00:01:20 9/10/2019
It truly is paradise! Carolla discusses the recently-opened Taco Bell resort.
00:01:10 9/10/2019
A son is charged with the murder of his father, but did he really do it?
00:02:35 9/9/2019
Guest "Nightmare" Danny Davis describes the toll that living on the road as a wrestler took on his personal life.
00:01:25 9/9/2019
After nearly a decade since his mother's disappearance on Christmas Eve, a son opens up about a memory that could help solve the mystery.
00:01:10 9/8/2019
HOF Coach Tony Dungy shares his thoughts on Andrew Luck's early retirement.
00:01:15 9/7/2019
Kevin McHale shares with LadyGang's Jac & Keltie his recent encounter with SHAWN MENDES...
00:01:15 9/6/2019
Chael shares why Daniel Cormier offered an apology for his UFC 241 bout with Stipe Miocic.
00:01:25 9/6/2019
Jamie & Aaron Ivey detail the perfect date night for married couples.
00:01:25 9/5/2019
Heather & Natalie run into Ja Rule at the PodcastOne studios. Will there be a Fyre Fest 2.0?
00:00:45 9/5/2019


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