The Big Podcast With Shaq

Shaq reflects on the Kobe Tribute and talks about Zion's game, Shareef's future and Dwyane Wade's legacy

Shaquille O'Neal is fresh off the Kobe Bryant tribute in Los Angeles, and reflects on the event and how he became involved with an invite from Vanessa Bryant. We also get to officially discuss Shareef's transfer to Shaq's Alma mater LSU. The crew is of course all over the NBA this week, talking about the Sixers, Zion's impact on the game (and why Shaq thinks he's NOT the next big man), Kevin Durant's comments on Shaq, Trae Young's Shaq-like accomplishment, and the awesome career of Dwyane Wade as his number is retired in Miami. We also take a bunch of texts on the Mint Mobile show phone, of course we get Borderline... and it wouldn't be a February if Shaq and John didn't face off in the Black History Month Quiz. Follow @Shaqcast on Twitter - The Big Podcast with Shaq on Instagram and Facebook - or email your best questions and clips to

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